About Us

Sage Saga is an amalgamation of ideas, passion, and philosophy, all, with the plethora of textile and it’s appreciation at its core.
We picked this name for our studio label due to its manifold approach which comes together to define what we represent.
The wise man’s tales, a literal translation of our name, helps define our fascination with the many cultures and traditions, dedicated to the discovery of the divine in its many forms, and the simple yet powerful garbs of the seekers.
Sage also is a sophisticated herb, with connotations of purity, healing, clarity, and wisdom attached to it. These are all things, we try to imbibe in our creative process, wherein we try to highlight the beauty of the fabric at hand and translate it into the silhouettes we create out of it.
Of course, last but not the least, the color sage, despite being muted, never fails to be impactful in its simplicity and sophistication.
Sage Saga focuses on creating clothes which became a representation of the wearer while preserving the beauty of the textile and the ideas behind the creation.